Technics Miniature SL-1200M7L Collection


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Technics Miniature SL-1200M7L Collection

Technics Miniature Collection SL-1200M7L set of 7PCS Figure

Available in 7 colours, true to the original design…

Technics SL-1200M7L – BLUE
Technics SL-1200M7L – RED
Technics SL-1200M7L – WHITE
Technics SL-1200M7L – GREEN
Technics SL-1200M7L – BLACK
Technics SL-1200M7L – YELLOW
Technics SL-1200M7L – BEIGE

The limited production DJ turntable “Technics SL-1200 series 50th anniversary model”
is now available as a miniature figure from Ken Elephant!
The same 7 colors as the actual product, each comes with an LP board!
Like the very popular first “Technics Miniature Collection”,
this collection is loved not only by music fans but also by a wide range of people.
A special miniature collection of the SL-1200 series
that continues to be supported by DJs around the world Miniature figures of audio
equipment from Technics, Japan’s world-class Hi-Fi audio product brand!
The limited production 50th anniversary model is available in 7 colors,
the same as the real thing, and the controller is also elaborately reproduced to the scale.
An LP board miniature is included and can be set on a turntable.

The concept is based upon gachapon capsules, which contain small surprise goodies and are very popular in Japan. Usually, you would need to insert coins into a vending machine, then turn a crank “Gacha”, so the capsule can fall down “Pon”! The miniatures are highly collectible, and these Technics models are no different.

The miniatures are normally ‘blind boxed’ and packed at random but we have very carefully opened up the boxes and inspected the contents so you are able to choose the models you want. The models are still sealed in the original inner packaging, and of course, the boxes are included. Safely packed and tracked shipping in the UK.

***Please note – Technics Miniature Collection models contain small parts and are not suitable for children.***

Technics Miniature SL-1200M7L Collection

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