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Full Service and LED Transplant

  • New Technics Pitch Slider
  • New Technics RCA Phono Leads
  • New Technics Ground Lead
  • New Technics Pitch Shading Cloth
  • New Technics Pitch Felt
  • Full LED Transplant (Electric Blue / Bright White / UV Purple or combination)


  • Mainboard / PCBs / Switches / Pitch Control / Motor / Plinth / Feet / Base / Tonearm / Headshell Contacts


  • Spindle Shaft / Tonearm greased / Heat compound applied


  • Tonearm / Pitch Zero / Pitch Scale / Anti-Skate / Tracking

Service is for one turntable. If you require a pair servicing please add 2 to the cart. Once purchased we will arrange a suitable time to drop off. This service is available in the UK only.


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