Technics Servicing


We offer three different levels of Technics Servicing, for all SL 1200 / 1210 MK2, MK3, M3D, MK4, MK5, M5G and MK6 models, to suit  your budget or requirements. We carry a huge range of genuine Technics spare parts in stock and off the shelf, ensuring a quick turnaround. Please contact us to book your appointment.

Service Option 1

This Technics Service includes a full strip down, cleaning, calibration and lubrication of your turntable. No parts are included in this service, which is ideal if you have recently replaced your pitch slider, phono leads and ground lead.

Service Option 2

This option includes a full service as per the official Technics Servicing Manual… and beyond! Brand new pitch slider, phono leads, earth lead, pitch shading cloth and pitch slider washer felt are included. We also fully strip down the deck, clean, lubricate and calibrate all components individually.

Service Option 3

Our most popular Technics Servicing option! This is the same as Service Option 2, but includes a full LED conversion at a discounted rate. Choose from blue, white, purple, magenta, green or red LED’s, or a combination.

Once we receive your decks, a full inspection and diagnosis is carried out. Advice is offered on any damaged or faulty parts. Repairs and modifications can be carried out at a discounted rate during the service. In most cases only the cost of the part is required.

Please click on the service options for a full detailed breakdown of the work carried out.

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