Technics Plinth Painting

Technics Plinth Painting

Technics Plinth Painting and Restoration is our speciality.

Our dedicated paint shop is on hand to refurbish or customise your Technics Plinths. We can bring them back to perfect condition. The plinths undergo rigorous preparation before the paint procedure, ensuring a flawless finish every time!

Our preferred method is to use automotive paint, but powder coating is also available, on request.

Why do we prefer paint?

For many reasons! There is an unlimited amount of colour choices available with different finishes, for example, matt, satin, gloss, metallic, pearlescent and candy. Once lacquered, the plinths can be machine polished and buffed to give a beautiful, glossy smooth finish. Perfect if your decks are the centre piece. Paint can be easily cared for too with automotive products, such as wax and polish. The disadvantage to paint is it can chip, much like a car! Not an issue if you take care of them.

Is Powder Coating for me?

It is commonly known powder coat is tougher and more durable than automotive paint. Although we offer this as an option, we feel a paint finish is far superior. Powder coat is only available in limited colours and the finish will never be as smooth as a paint finish. Even after meticulous preparation, a powder coat finish will have a dimply texture. Originally designed and engineered to coat pipes and curved metal, it doesn’t take too well to flat surfaces unfortunately! Hence the fact vehicles are painted, not powder coated. That said, if you are moving your decks frequently, this may be a better option.

Factory Markings

We have various options to reproduce the original factory markings on your plinths.

Laser Etching:

Recommended for custom text or logos. Choice of colours available.

Pre-lacquer transfers:

This is the most durable option. The transfers are applied to the paint base coat then sealed with lacquer for a perfect finish, only the text is applied, so no borders etc. Scratch proof and far more durable than screen printing. Available in, black, white, gold and silver.

Screen Printing:

Available in many colours, recommended for specific paint types only.

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