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Metallic Colours


You can either send us your dismantled Technics plinths or drop off your turntable and we can dismantle and reassemble for you (please note this is an additional service). The price is per plinth so please checkout 2 if you need a pair doing. This is a service only for you existing plinth. The plinth is not included.

Simply choose a colour. We use automotive paint so the choice is huge.

The plinths will then undergo our rigorous preparation and paint service as follows

  • Original paint stripped back to bare metal
  • Fully etch primed
  • 2k primer applied
  • Flattened and smoothed
  • Ground coat
  • Base coat applied
  • Technics Factory Markings / Graphics applied
  • Clear coat applied
  • Flattened and buffed to a super glossy mirror like finish

Once service is purchased we will arrange a suitable booking slot for your custom work to be carried out.

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