Diagnostic / Pre-check

Before dismantling, we will give the deck a 20 minute pre-check for any obvious / common known issues, and report back with any findings before proceeding with the service.

technics 1210 mk2

Cabinet Cleaning

Once fully dismantled, the plinth, rubber base and feet are cleaned and treated with high quality detailing products.
This includes removal of the old pitch felt and adhesive, then replaced with a brand new pitch shading cloth.

technics plinth base feet

Spindle Bearing

Dismantle spindle bearing and removal of old lubrication. Immersed ultrasonic cleaning, graphite coated, relubricated with Anderol 465, rebuilt and polished.

technics spindle bearing

Operation Base

Dismantle operation base. Removal of Start-Stop – 33/45 Buttons, Power Knob and Strobe Tower. Base and components cleaned and polished. Testing and cleaning of Start/Stop microswitch, 33/45 tact switches and LED’s. (New switches / LED’s replaced where necessary)

technics operation base

Pop Up Light

Dissasembly of Target / Pop-up Light. Removal of old lubrication. Immersed ultrasonic cleaning of lamp turret and boss. Re-application of damping grease. Testing / cleaning of microswitch. LED lamp upgrade if required (choice of colours available)

pop up service

Pitch Slider

Old pitch slider removed. PCB and Pitch Pot cleaned. New repro pitch slider fitted and calibrated. We do have stock of genuine Technics / Panasonic supplied faders. Please enquire if preferred.


Full testing of mainboard. Solder re-flow on main IC Chips (AN6680 / AN6675) and Q201. Replacement of R301 on later boards to 10k.
We also offer a mainboard upgrade pack – Heatsink for AN6680 and Regulated VCO Transistor for R301 Replacement – only an additional £20 per deck.

technics mainboard


Full disassembly of tonearm, removal of old grease, ultrasonic cleaning of tonearm height adjust and surround. Re-application of damping grease. Bearings lubricated. Anti-skate re-set and calibrated.
Damaged tonearm bearings can be replaced with high quality bearings for + £20 each during the service.
Standard Repro Phono PCB are + £10 each during the service or Gold Phono PCB are + £15 (if required)
Brand new upgraded phono and earth leads fitted.
MK4 Style Female RCA Box can be fitted for an additional + £40 per deck during the service.

technics tonearm

Calibration of Pitch and Mainboard

Mainboard calibrated to 262.08khz. Pitch calibration begins at 2.7ohm and is tuned accordingly to +6 (with repro pitches, +3.3 will usually be around +2.0 to +2.5. -3.3 will be at -3. Zero will be perfect). We use a pair of matched resistance pitches for all our servicing (when servicing a pair).

We still have stock of genuine replacement pitch sliders if required, please enquire.


Deep clean of platter starting with a hot soak, brush scrub and light machine polish. Please note, this will remove most of the tarnishing but does depend on the condition of the platters initially. Full platter restoration is also available on request.

technics platter large polish
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