Technics 1200 Refurb Package


One of our most popular custom packages, for those that want to keep their turntables as they once were! This package will get your turntables back to mint aesthetic and functional condition.

Please note: Price is per turntable, if you require a pair please add 2 to the basket. This is a refurb service only for your existing decks. Turntables not included!

This package includes the following…

Full Service:

Our service includes fully stripping down the entire turntable and all components, cleaned, polished, re-lubricated and calibrated back to factory spec. This includes brand new pitch slider, pitch trim, pitch felts, pop up LED, phono cables and earth lead. More info here


The plinth is fully stripped back to bare metal, etch primed, undercoated, base coat applied, flattened, smoothed and then lacquered.
Once the paintwork is complete, the factory graphics are screen printed in hard wearing, UV cured enamel. The graphics are identical with exact fonts and positioning. Finished off with a fresh pitch trim and shading cloth.

In most cases, the tonearm sections will be fine with a dismantle and clean to bring them back to their former glory, however, if the tonearm sections have corroded, they can be repainted for an additional £50 per deck.

We have a specially mixed paint to match the original 1200 colour 100%

Platter Restoration:

Platter refurbishment is included. We will always attempt to get your platter looking as fresh as possible. Depending on the condition, a machine polish may not bring it back to its former glory, especially if there is corrosion and flaking paint. Our platter refurb includes removal of old paint, repainted satin black, re-faced and machine polishing. If this process is not necessary, we can offer £100 discount on the total price.

Additional Parts / Repairs:

We can add missing power knobs, replace broken tonearm clips, bent tonearms, damaged bearings, phono PCB, power cables etc during the service. We will notify of any extra parts or repairs required beforehand.

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