Technics 1200 – 1210 MK2 / MK3 / M3D / MK5 Pitch Slider – (Reproduction)



Brand New Aftermarket / Reproduction Technics Pitch Slider including new pitch shading cloth and pitch knob felt.

The repro pitches calibrate differently to the genuine pitches and have a slightly steeper curve around the 0 to +/- 3 pitch mark. This does make them a little more sensitive around that area but generally not an issue if you are used to an analog pitch in our opinion 😉

The mainboard is calibrated to 262.08khz. Pitch calibration begins at 2.7ohm and is tuned accordingly to +6  for MK2 models and +6.4 for MK5 models (+3.3 will usually be around +2.5 to +2.75. -3.3 will generally be at -3. Zero will be perfect). We use a pair of matched resistance pitches for all our servicing (if servicing a pair).

Alternatively, we can offer a full pitch refurb for the same price. With this option, we restore the original pitch PCB and replace the upper casing, pitch stalk and bushes with brand new and freshly lubricated housing. This way you will have a brand new feeling pitch with the accuracy of the original Technics PCB. Best of both worlds!

Price is for part, fitting and calibration at our dedicated workshop.

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