Technics 1200 1210 Black Button Set

Technics 1200 1210 Black Button Set MK2 – MK6

Technics Black Button Kit for SL 1200 / 1210 – MK2 / MK3 / M3D / MK5 / M5G / MK5G / MK6

Feeling the MK7 / M7L vibe? Look no further…

Easy DIY installation, just removal of the rubber base required, full instructions and video link included.

Tools required: Screwdriver, pliers, snips, epoxy resin or superglue.

Manufactured from black ABS plastic to original specifications with extremely tough, durable and scratch resistant white fibre laser markings.

Full kit for 1 turntable consists of :-

1 x Start/Stop Button with Stainless Steel Stalk
1 x 33 Button with Stainless Steel Stalk
1 x 45 Button with Stainless Steel Stalk
1 x Pop Up Light Surround
1 x Pitch Knob

The buttons come as a kit and the stalks will need to glued (this keeps our postage cost down and is passed on to yourselves)

To attach the stalks we recommend a small amount of epoxy resin or a very small amount of superglue.

The original lenses from the 33 / 45 buttons can be installed into the new buttons for a factory finish.

Please note: The stalks for the 33 / 45 buttons have been manufactured to the later spec and will not fit earlier spec operation bases. You will need to re-use the original stalks if you have an earlier spec turntable. Please check out the photos of the operation bases in the listing for a comparison.

Special introductory offer at £39.99 per kit with free UK postage (soon to be £49.99)

A note for the modders out there….

We offer 10 and 20 kit packs at discounted rates – please give us a shout ;)

Turntables and operation bases are for illustrative purposes only and not included. You are purchasing a button kit only.

Technics 1200 1210 Black Button Set MK2 – MK6

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